The Dot February 2024

The Dot by Greg Beran

Episode notes

On the February 2024 edition of The Dot (Jan 20-Feb 16), we recap the recent album, EP, and single releases. All while featuring new music and call-ins from artists you may have overlooked in a busy month of new music.

This month we feature call in's and new music from...

Artist: Mall Girl

Song / Project: Emo Shred / Pure Love (album)

Release Date: Jan 26th, 2024

Location: Norway

Artist: Balancing Act

Song / Project: She Plays The Theremin / single

Release Date: Feb 16th, 2024

Location: England

Artist: Shannen James

Song / Project: Get Go / Patchwork (album)

Release Date: Feb 2nd, 2024

Location: Australia

Artist: Bonze

Song / Project: Love People / single

Release Date: Jan 26th, 2024

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