The Digital Forester

by Kevin Lim

Foresters that have embraced digital technologies to transform the business of forestry share their experiences and lessons learned in this podcast.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • John Pineau - Ontario Woodlot Association

    John Pineau - Ontario Woodlot Association

    John Pineau is the Executive Director at the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) and joins us from Mattawa, Ontario. John has worked in the forest industry, led research organizations focused on driving innovation in forestry, taught as a professor at colleges, and most recently, is providing leadership with non-profit organizations. As Part 1 of a podcast series with the OWA, come have a listen about John’s journey as an innovator and community builder in the forest industry.

  • Alex Meyers - TimberEye

    Alex Meyers - TimberEye

    Alex Meyers is the COO and Co-Founder of TimberEye, a company that reimagines how logs get measured, moved, bought and sold. TimberEye log scaling technology perfectly handles hundreds of thousands of logs a month with its operating system covering every aspect of log inventory management. TimberEye scales logs 20x faster than humans within 0.3 cm of verified human scalers resulting in your team having perfect real time visibility into your operations. Come listen to Alex explain how TimberEye is a better way to interact with your supply chain.

  • Alicia Sullivan - Google

    Alicia Sullivan - Google

    Alicia Sullivan is the Product Manager for Google’s Earth Engine Sustainability Solutions and joins us from the greater Seattle area. She obtained her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Forest Resources Management from the University of Washington and started her forestry career at the Washington Department of Natural Resources and Weyerhaeuser. Her interest in program and product management led her to roles with Microsoft, Amazon, CARMERA and Google. Come have a listen to Alicia’s career journey from forestry to high tech and their overlap with climate and environment.

  • Steven Hawkes - LandVest

    Steven Hawkes - LandVest

    Steven Hawkes is the Vice President of Forest Resources at LandVest and joins us from Concord, New Hampshire, USA. Steven has been responsible for the oversight of a team of highly qualified foresters, GIS technicians, and administrative staff who provide a full suite of professional forest management services on over 2,000,000 acres of privately-held timberland across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Come have a listen on a broad range of topics from technology to innovation to people from one of the leaders in the forest industry.

  • Jens Fuglsang Røge - HD LogSystems

    Jens Fuglsang Røge - HD LogSystems

    Jens Fuglsang Røge is the Business Manager at HD LogSystems and joins us from Denmark. HD LogSystems is part of the international trading and service company HedeDanmark a/s, whose history can be traced back to 1866. According to Jens, measuring wood should be easy and that is why HD LogSystems has focused on developing and selling wood measurement solutions, including LogStackLIDAR and LogStackPRO. Come have a listen on how photographed cells from biopsies through a microscope to automate the detection of round cells led to the HD LogSystems’ first innovation.