The Digital Forester

by Kevin Lim

Foresters that have embraced digital technologies to transform the business of forestry share their experiences and lessons learned in this podcast.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Andrew Davis - Visual Forester

    Andrew Davis - Visual Forester

    Andrew Davis is the Product Manager for Visual Forester and joins us from Bend, Oregon, USA. In his role, he helps natural resource professionals connect with stakeholders through digital twins of forests and the creation of immersive visualizations from their existing data. Come have a listen to learn how Stand Designer and Visual Forester Pro save people time and headaches by ensuring everyone sees the same picture beyond the data and charts.

  • Mark Books - LandMark Spatial Solutions

    Mark Books - LandMark Spatial Solutions

    Mark Books is the Geospatial Services Manager at LandMark Spatial Solutions. Mark is a Certified Forester of the geospatial variety and has applied these skills for over 25 years to research and forest management, including prescribed burning. He brings his experience to assist fellow foresters and natural resource managers in using geospatial technology to enhance their work. Further desiring to set up forestry and foresters for success, Mark has also been an executive volunteer in his role as President and Co-founder of the Esri Forestry Group since 2008.

  • George Banzhaf - TreeTracker

    George Banzhaf - TreeTracker

    George M. Banzhaf is the CEO and co-founder of TreeTracker. His career in the forest industry has been wide ranging, from marketing timber, managing corporate inventory programs, field data gathering, R&D, reforestation and seedling genetics, drone and imagery, silvicultural operations, and GIS mapping. Envisioning a better way for technology to be used to improve information, communication, and collaboration, TreeTracker was developed as a platform (online and in-the-field app) that everyone – no matter their sector of industry or size – could use to organize, develop, and share their data for increased functionality, efficiency, and success. Come learn more about TreeTracker’s mission to provide the highest quality information management system available to every sector of the forest community.

  • Andre Cheung - Robotics Cats and Mike Ross and Rob Vernon - Indicium Dynamics

    Andre Cheung - Robotics Cats and Mike Ross and Rob Vernon - Indicium Dynamics

    Andre Cheung is the Founder and CEO of Robotics Cats and joins us from Hong Kong with Mike Ross and Rob Vernon, Founder and CTO, and CEO, respectively, of Indicium Dynamics from Tasmania. Robotics Cats is a machine vision startup comprised of a team of talented engineers with diverse cultures focused on computer vision, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Indicium Dynamics is a full-service IoT and data integration solutions provider. Their low-code and affordable IoT solutions provide control over the collection, analysis, and display of data, optimising processes across a wide range of industries and organisations. Come have a listen about how Robotics Cats and Indicium Dynamics are collaborating on the XPRIZE Wildfire challenge.

  • Preston Green - Miller Timber Services

    Preston Green - Miller Timber Services

    Preston Green is the Assistant Vice President of cut-to-length (CTL) Systems at Miller Timber Services in Philomath, Oregon, USA where he responsible for harvesting management on a select number of harvesting teams, research and development of CTL innovations, and production analytics across a fleet of CTL equipment.