The Dental Implant Podcast

by Dr Pav Khaira

Welcome to the dental implant podcast, with your host, Pav Khaira. Your source of knowledge for all things relating to dental implants

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Guided Surgery

    Guided Surgery

    In this episode I chat with Nick Fahey, a specialist prosthodontist, about guided surgery. Nick has a wealth of knowledge regarding guided surgery and shares his thoughts

  • Business of Implant Dentistry

    Business of Implant Dentistry

    Titani-nerds! In this episode I talk to Chetan Mathias about the business of implant dentistry

  • The BEST Implant System

    The BEST Implant System

    It's annoying, isn't it? Every manufacturer claiming their implant is the BEST. Well, in this episode I talk about which implant system is the best! It may be what you expected, or maybe not!

  • Our Journies with Grafting - with Uzman Haq

    Our Journies with Grafting - with Uzman Haq

    It almost feels like a rite of passage. Going through different graft materials and techniques over your career only to have mixed results. Here I talk with Dr Uzman Haq and how we've had the same struggles and realizations as our careers have progressed

  • 'Impossible' Immediate Implants

    'Impossible' Immediate Implants

    No, you don't need a thick buccal plate in order to immediate place an implant....