The Dash: A Stoicism Podcast


A journey to explore stoicism and the path to doing the right thing. The dash is the brief notation on the tombstone between birth and death. I also want to explore how business and leaders can employ Stoic principles to succeed. I will cover a number of topics from birth to death to war to working and everything in between. You can email with comments or recommendations to

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ep 3: "Moral Injury"

    Ep 3: "Moral Injury"

    The concept of moral injuries for soldiers and non-soldiers alike, the gift of fear and being a dead man walking and how to handle regret and shame.

  • Ep 2: "Who Dares Leads"

    Ep 2: "Who Dares Leads"

    Applying Stoic values and discipline to the vocation and avocations we practice in life may be the hardest part outside of making a Stoic life a lived lifestyle. I find the management industry is a giant cargo cult that publishes books whose pages number in the hundreds but could simply be a page or two.

  • Ep 1 "Introduction"

    Ep 1 "Introduction"

    In this episode, I discuss what Stoicism is, some of its source code and some of its notions in books and movies. I lay the groundwork for what future episodes will cover and demonstrate why this may the most practical philosophy ever devised by man.