The DadBodCastExplicit

by Donny, Tyler, & Dan

Three friends and dads escaping family and talking ‘bout everything and nothing all at once. One a seasoned 42 year old with 3 kids; 15, 12 and 10. One , a 27 year old noob with a baby. A no good 36 year old with with two daughters; 14 & 6. Lots of laughs, a little shit talk, tales from our childhood, and stories about raising kids today. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E01 - Chase on a Chaise

    S04 E01 - Chase on a ChaiseExplicit

    The first episode of Season 4 brings the return of Dan, Chase, and Josh and the fun begins with talks of past episodes, beer, and shrooms. Sit back laugh and drink it in

  • Season 3

  • S03 E37 - What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

    S03 E37 - What's your favorite Christmas Movie?Explicit

    This episode brings back the mini bods and then a trip to Girth Brooks house for the last portion. The bods discuss Christmas movies, Boners, and Naked Brittney Spears among other topics. Sit back and laugh often

  • S03 E36 - Imagine almost getting 6 inches!!

    S03 E36 - Imagine almost getting 6 inches!!Explicit

    This Episode marks the return of Dan and Chase. Many things get discussed like Chase denting a car with his face, Dan talks to his Penis,Chase getting drunk, Etc. Sit back and drink in the knowledge and some alcohol

  • S03 E35 - R.I.P...Ye!

    S03 E35 - R.I.P...Ye!Explicit

    This week we have Donny's Daughter Alyssa on with us and she doesn't dissapoint. We discuss Kanye...oops I mean Ye, Donnys death, why Boy Katie would kill a baby over a puppy, And more. Drink up and enjoy

  • S03 E34 - Just the Facts Ma'am....Just the Facts

    S03 E34 - Just the Facts Ma'am....Just the FactsExplicit

    Well I thought we were back, but Tyler missed again. This episode has the little minions back ,with some interesting facts and talk about horror movies