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by Jeffrey Griffin

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Podcast episodes

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  • Episode 3: Jada E. Williams


    Episode 3: Jada E. Williams


    Jada E. Williams is a multimedia journalist that works for WTXL out of Tallahassee, Florida. Jada is a regular on CourtTV and has appeared on the primetime television crime series "20/20." You can follow her on Twitter @JadaEWilliams. Her and Griff talk about a variety of things: -How Griff and Jada became friends -Crazy criminal cases Jada has covered -Life as a crime reporter in Tallahassee, Florida -Jada's advice to future journalists -Foreign McDonald's menus -Family Relationships -Reporter habits -TV shows - Movies - Books ...and more!!! Please follow our show on Twitter (@MindOfGriff) and Griff (@griffaldo)! You can reach us by email by sending a message to Let us know how we're doing and leave us a review. If you like the show, be kind and tell a friend! Apologies in advance for some of the language in this show!!!

  • Episode 2: Justin Hall

    Episode 2: Justin Hall

    Justin Hall is a broadcaster who has done call-in shows, play-by-play commentary, and currently broadcasts for the Richland One school district. You can follow Justin on Twitter @JustinBHall . You can now find the show on Apple, Spotify, and Google podcasting platforms! Please follow us on Twitter @MindOfGriff and/or reach out to us via email:

  • Hittin' Dingers Show - Opening Day 2021 MLB Season Preview

    Hittin' Dingers Show - Opening Day 2021 MLB Season Preview

    Join Griff (@griffaldo) and Justin Hall (@justinbhall) as they preview the 2021 Major League Baseball season and make their predictions for each division, along with playoff picks and World Series predictions

  • Episode 1: Collyn Taylor


    Episode 1: Collyn Taylor


    Collyn Taylor is a reporter for and covers athletics for the University of South Carolina. In this episode, we talk about covering sports, interviews, and other topics. Enjoy! Warning! *I do slip the "F" bomb in telling one of my stories...I apologize in advance!!! Follow the show on Twitter @MindofGriff or email us: Thanks!