Ep 16. Tatty Macleod

The Cultural Vacuums by The Cultural Vacuums

Episode notes

At the Cultural Vacuums, comedians Lew and Josh are ready to help fill your brain and soul with a steady stream of culture courtesy of a weekly - and hopefully far more cultured - guest.

It's French Week here at The Cultural Vacuums, and by that we mean we have a guest who can speak French. Unfortunately neither Lew or Josh done anything to educate themselves on the country's rich culture, other than learn an intro, and in Lew's case, listen to Stromae, who is in fact, from Belgium.

Luckily we have the wonderful and talented Tatty Macleod to carry the cultural baggage of the show, filling the void with bangers such as imported VHS tapes of 90s TV shows, the works of Elena Ferrante and Nora Ephron, and Gemma Collins on TikTok.

Tatty can be found on Twitter @tattymacleod, and on Instagram @tatty_macleod

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