Headhunting, LinkedIn, and Keyboard Warriors! | The Corner Podcast

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Episode notes

Join Adam and Paul in Episode 2 of The Corner for an engaging exploration into headhunting recruitment with Rosslyn David. Gain insights into establishing Rosslyn David's unique approach and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of industry changes while adding significant value.

💼 Dive deep into the art of headhunting, going beyond traditional online methods, and discover effective strategies for managing encounters with LinkedIn enthusiasts while cultivating an authentic personal brand.

🚫 Attention hiring managers! Uncover essential lessons to avoid common hiring pitfalls, and delve into the current dynamics of in-person versus remote interviews.

🤖 And the burning question - Is AI in recruitment a passing trend? We scrutinize the future of recruitment technology and its lasting impact. 👉 Embark on this enlighteni ... 

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