The Core Unearthed

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The platform where thoughtful discussions find their home. Hosted by Hanaa, a passionate explorer of politics, religion, and other thought-provoking subjects, this show is a safe haven for those seeking intellectual engagement and open dialogue. With an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, Hanaa invites you on a journey through complex topics that challenge conventional thinking. From politics to spir ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Life, Balance, & Future

    Life, Balance, & Future

    In this heartfelt 'Filler' episode of 'The Core Unearthed', Hanaa gives us a personal glimpse into her life's current chapters. From the buzz of university life to exciting future plans for the podcast, she shares it all, including her thoughts on pregnancy and the often controversial topic of balancing a career with family life. This episode is a candid reflection on the challenges and triumphs women face in their journey to integrate professional aspirations with personal fulfillment. Join Hanaa as she navigates these topics, offering insights and fostering a community of listeners who are eager to explore these multifaceted experiences together. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: Instagram: Islamic Podcast - Steps to Jannah:

  • Mastering Goal Setting

    Mastering Goal Setting

    In this inspiring episode of 'The Core Unearthed', Hanaa dives into the transformative world of goal setting. She shares not only the techniques for crafting achievable and meaningful goals but also opens up about her own life experiences. This episode is a unique blend of practical advice and personal storytelling, providing listeners with both the tools and motivation needed to pursue their own aspirations. Whether you're looking to refine your goal-setting skills or seeking inspiration to start, Hanaa's insights are here to guide you on your journey to success. Join us for an episode filled with empowering knowledge and Hanaa's personal touch of wisdom. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: Instagram: Islamic Podcast - Steps to Jannah:

  • Unveiling Israel-Palestine

    Unveiling Israel-Palestine

    Hanaa bravely tackles the intricate and longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine. Stepping away from her script, she offers a raw, unfiltered exploration of the events, especially focusing on the critical turning point of October 7th. To truly grasp the present, Hanaa takes us back to the pivotal post-World War 2 era, providing a comprehensive historical context. Her candid insights challenge prevailing narratives and invite listeners to view this complex issue through a lens of nuanced understanding. Join Hanaa on this unscripted journey as she dissects one of the most enduring conflicts of our time. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: CHARITIES: INFORMATION:

  • Faithful Five: Exploring Beliefs

    Faithful Five: Exploring Beliefs

    Join Hanaa in this enlightening episode of "The Core Unearthed" as she delves into the beliefs, practices, and core teachings of the world's five major religions: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. This exploration aims to educate and foster mutual respect and understanding, ensuring listeners gain insight without prejudice. Let's embark on this journey of enlightenment together, embracing the rich tapestry of faiths that shape our world. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity: Islamic Podcast - Steps to Jannah:

  • Morocco & Libya: Nature's Fury

    Morocco & Libya: Nature's Fury

    In this poignant episode of 'The Core Unearthed,' we focus on the recent catastrophic events that have befallen both Morocco and Libya – an earthquake and devastating floods, respectively. These tragedies have not only tested the resilience of affected communities but also spurred global solidarity and support. As we delve into the impacts and implications of these natural disasters, we also guide our listeners towards opportunities to contribute to relief efforts. Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those grappling with the aftermath. Join us in this episode to learn more and explore the links provided for donations to the ongoing humanitarian aid initiatives. .Ways to Help: Unicef - Learn More Libya Floods Emergency - Learn MoreT he UN Refugee Agency - Learn MoreOfficial Website: