#334 Women and Young People in Construction and Framing with Brittany Farrow of BMFarrow Construction and Girls Can Frame

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

In this episode, we welcome Brittany Farrow, owner of BMFarrow Construction and founder of Girls Can Frame, to talk about the challenges and opportunities for women and young people in the construction and framing industry. Brittany shares her experiences getting into the trades through a high school co-op program and the work she has done to advocate for the trades in schools.

She also discusses her decision to become a teacher for green tradespeople and the challenges she sees with her generation, including overspending and a lack of work ethic. We also hear Brittany's thoughts on construction quality differences in different areas, the differences between prefab and stick framing, and issues with inspectors. We also discuss tool comparisons and the importance of investing in good quality tools.

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