#248 Vintage Ideas LTD with Steve Sampaio and Jennifer Sherman discussing Rustic Designing and Construction

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

How did it all begin? Children’s BDay party and a few drinks and plenty of pics about wood and the ideas started flowing. Steve didn’t have any formal construction experience, but he would tinker and build odd things and then friends suggested he should do this as a business and Vintage was born. Steve and Jenn love what they do, they love to create ideas for clients, they love working with mother nature resources and making vintage ideas come alive.

Vintage has been built on 100% creative and customer service; it is a boutique business catering to the creative clients that want to take their home to new levels of warmth. We discuss different species of wood and mother nature and the climate of your home; clients need to understand that your home environment will have a huge impact on the projects and details that are installed  ... 

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