#246 UBILD the new construction app that we all have been waiting for and Matteo Nunziata here to discuss it

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Matteo Nunziata is on the show to discuss changing the construction industry with his app UBild. Of course, we will discuss plenty of construction bones to pick, old school vs new school, trade schools, technology and construction, politics, and so much more, one show not to miss.

Matteo began his construction career by knocking on doors and offering up odd jobs, known as Odd Job Matthew in the neighborhood, from there he began to look at the industry differently, he realized how inefficient the industry is. The objective of this app isn’t to replace tradespeople, they are augmenting the experience, we’re making people more efficient and by doing that, they keep people at the core of it all.

This isn’t an app for Diyers, this is for the professional industry. It takes a young tradesperson to be a role model for th ... 

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