#242 CRYPTO Shawn Silva of A3C Crypto Club Inc & Marco Carlini are here to discuss Cryptocurrency Blockchain & more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

DISCLAIMER The following show is in no way advice on how you should invest into cryptocurrency, always do your own research and source out the information for yourself. Shawn Silva, an Engineering Technologist who created A3C to help others navigate the blockchain landscape and Marco Carlini, a salesperson in the concrete industry are here to share a lot about cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT’s and a whole lot more.

On with the show. What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a distributed system that achieves security through cryptography and consensus without relying on trust.

Nearly two years studying and investing in blockchain, Shawn has learned a lot from his initial $1000.00 investment in a few currencies and he has stuck with Cardano. He believes in the Cardano mandates as he dives deep into the founder, Charles Hoski ... 

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