#240 Bradley Dell from Built By Bradley is here to share his construction life and the hardships he has gone through

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

This show will relate to so many tradespeople working in the industry, please give this show a listen as Bradley shares why and how he got into construction and the path he took, or you could say the path that took him. Thank you so much Bradley for sharing so much and opening up, I know there are a few other tradespeople listening that have or are going through similar struggles. This show we will discuss the industry, business owning and running, union strikes, economy, mental health, addictions and more.

Bradley began his career with Local 183, who are currently on strike as they should be when they have not had a change in their contract since before the pandemic. Before starting his own business, he worked with a number of builders and had a chance to see the bad and good sides of the business, unfortunately more bad than go ... 

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