#237 Mike Valchuk of Building Dreams Contracting Inc. from a life of a franchise owner to successful contracting business

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Finally have Mike Valchuk, the man, the myth, the contractor on the show and what a show it is. We begin by discussing his 8 years of construction and how during the beginning of the pandemic Mike and his partner Grant O’Neal felt they needed to pivot, shift gears, an idea that will carry through this episode and has been brought up on so many other TCL shows. Mike and Grant decided to seek professional coaching and they have never regretted it. When they realized the business was creating mirrored years and didn’t see sales grow, they knew something needed to be done. Upon doing a little google searching they sourced out two possible coaching business, one in Australia and one in Canada, they opted for the Canadian one, the links are below.

Mike shares some great tips on structuring your business, looking at profit and understanding that $ ... 

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