#235 Paul Gancman from Kitchen Fix is here to talk kitchen repairs and more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

What a great show we have, Paul is here to share his insight into the wonderful world of kitchen repairs and contractors mistakes and of course, we are talking about those short cuts that eventually lead to failures and homeowners are left with dealing with the builder, warranties or bringing in a professional like Paul to get it done and get it done properly. His business and reputation grew very quickly because Paul found by dealing with smaller scope of work, he was able to fulfil the solution and make the client happy, his reviews grew fast and furiously and the word go around, Kitchen Fix was the brand to work with.

Anyone in this industry knows you can never please every client and they will leave bad reviews, even bad reviews on your quote and Paul has learned, move on, just accept you can’t please everyone and go find anot ... 

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