#230 Brock Peel Advanced Property Solutions and Dalton Cousineau SouthPaw Stoneworks are on the show

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Brock from Advanced Property Solutions is back on the show, check out his first appearance on TCL Show #153, and this time he has brought a new friend, Dalton Cousineau from Southpaw Stoneworks and we are going to be talking Brocks first year as a GC and how Dalton is taking masonry and stone skills to new levels.

New Podcast to check out – Michelle Farrugia has been on TCL twice now and she’s doing her own podcast called Cognitive Capital Podcast and find it on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, great show about finance, real estate and entrepreneurship.

We open the show with a few shout outs and then discuss the rising fuel costs but not in a negative, at TCL we present where all these fuel costs are coming from, who has their hands in the cookie jar.

On with the show, it begins with Dalton sharing how he began at 5 years of age and ... 

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