#226 - 40–49-year-olds Part Three Health Fitness Nutrition and Age of Tradespeople with Dimitri from Pure Motivation Fitness

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Part Three –40–49-year-olds. #FitnessFridays with Dimitri Giankoulas

We begin with mindset, because everything begins with mindset, if you wake up in the morning and the life, your body, your work, you have, isn’t what you want, your mindset will dictate how the rest of the day, that week, that month, that year turns out. In your 40’s your margin for error is smaller and smaller, you can’t continue with the bad habits, those habits will catch up to you and will make your life even more difficult down the line.

Sit down and write out what is great about your life and write down what is terrible about your life, be honest, be brutally honest and write it down on paper, that connection to paper will connect your mind to the truth about you. The truth is most people jump into a healthy lifestyle without a plan, they jus ... 

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