#224 - 20–29-year-olds Part One Health Fitness Nutrition and Age of Tradespeople with Dimitri from Pure Motivation Fitness

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Dimitri and Manny had this crazy idea, let’s do shows about health, fitness, nutrition and let’s warp up the conversations around age groups.

Part One –20–29-year-olds. #FitnessFridays with Dimitri Giankoulas

Listen to these packed 1-hour shows discussing so much about living a happy, healthier life. Let’s begin, the conversation begins with finding a mentor, your circle of friends and your family will determine what kind of person you become for the rest of your life. Of course, we discuss the 20 somethings digital mind set on food, ordering food, not eating healthy and it all stems from lack of knowledge that most 20’s don’t even know protein, carbs and fats.

A lot of people live in reactive states, they use the excuse they don’t have enough time to meal prep, they don’t have enough time to exercise, they use excuses. W ... 

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