#222 Kim Piller a Sales Trainer from Sandler Cornerstone Centre for Continued Learning

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Kim opens the show with a great assumption about contractors, he thinks we make loads of money, why do we need a sales trainer? This show will have a lot of questions for you as a business owner to ask yourself, prepare the notepad.

· Why do you do your business?

· How do you build a structure for your business?

· Plan and prepare to sell your business one day.

· Understanding the Buyers / Sellers Dance.

· Don’t try to sell yourself and your service.

· Don’t sell the person, they will back away.

· Go in with the intension of not getting the work.

· Go into meetings realizing you don’t need the business.

· How much time should your initial meeting be?

· Qualify or disqualify that potential client over a first phone call.

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