#212 Philippe Gaudreau from Construction Anorak Inc. the new kid on the block and loads to consider

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

1 year on his own after 6 years of working with others Philippe has a lot of questions for us and the industry, he is so passionate about. Incredibly refreshing to have a tradesperson that loves construction but wants to learn more on how best to navigate through the construction world.

This is going to be one amazing show.

The show opens with a classic Quebec song. Just to set up a construction business you will spend $4-5K just in paperwork, no jobs, no income, nothing and right out of the gate you need t spend that money and that doesn’t even factor in your insurances, your vehicle, your office, your tools, that is just the amount you need to pay the useless cash grab government. The truth is if government establishes a division, in the public’s eye it’s all about safety but all this division is doing is handing out f ... 

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