#209 Derek Sousa a Highschool Trade Teacher has a lot to say about teaching the next generation of trades

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

15 years in the industry with the last 4 being a teacher, Derek wasn’t the best kid in school but in his high school years he found his passion through the woodworking class. Finished school and went right into the union and began working right away. After a few years of doing commercial construction, he got into the carpenters union, followed by the opportunity to work for the school board taking care of things that fall a part or damaged by the students, faculty or age. 4 years ago, he was offered a teaching position by a teacher, the same teacher that taught him who at the time was planning his retirement, Derek never looked back and looks like will be there teaching for a while.

Derek has built his teaching on a simple principle, there is knowledge and there is wisdom, the bridge that connects the two is experience. He’s working on maki ... 

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