#202 WELCOME BACK CrewMenGroup Taha has a lot more to share on the show – hold onto your tool belt

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Taha (T) is back and gearing to go 3am in the morning and it all begins with where he left off the last time, a 400K fuck up. Sit back and enjoy the many lessons T has to share on this show and we appreciate him being a part of our craziness. Back to the 400K involving a union roof job that certain things didn’t get done and then T and his crew were asked to make holes in the roof for the anchoring points, but the next trade decided to go home and not do the work. Lesson learned and big ups to everyone for keeping their cool throughout the entire process.

T moves on to some more current projects and a recent excavation job and how quickly he and his team made it happen. Then from there he was clear across the core and back on another job and another and another, the construction life does not stop for the Crew Men Group. T shar ... 

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