#199 Danny Dosca is BACK for more TCL talk and this round we will talk about the future of tradespeople, young and old.

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

“Tough times create strong men. Strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men. Weak men create tough times.” The quote, from a postapocalyptic novel by the author G. Michael Hopf, sums up a stunningly pervasive cyclical vision of history.

That is what this show will be about.

Plenty of older tradespeople are nervous of the future of construction including the 3 on today’s show. Danny sparks the conversation about what will happen when the older generation of tradespeople decide to put the hardhat down for good.

It all begins with a certain type of work ethic and Danny, Manny and Carlito agree that work ethic is quickly disappearing from the jobsite, and we need to figure out how to bring it back and bring it back hard. We discuss modular, automated wor ... 

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