#198 Kurt Snell of Snell Contracting Services Inc talking his young construction life and young trades

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

With today’s show we cast a wide construction net, but Kurt wants to focus on young trades, young business owners, the youth of construction, as the older trades prepare to step down, where is the industry going to be in the next decade, a particular favorite topic at TCL. Strap on the tool belt, this will be one hell of a great show.

The show begins with Kurt’s experience with George Brown and how it was a huge positive step in his career path, sharing the teachers, the classroom sizing and fundamentals of construction being learned. Kurt has a lot of positive things to say about the school route and he knew when it was his time to decide, either start in the industry or begin with school, he chooses school for a very good reason.

Kurt has never been that old type of tradesperson, where you yell, you “man up” kind ... 

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