#194 Mental Health and Tradespeople with Taylor Pagniello from Rise Psychotherapy

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

This is one show Carlito and Manny have wanted to do since the very beginning. We are going to upset some, we are going to bring up some issues that most don’t discuss, we will discuss addictions, anxiety, suicide, depression and more. This show might not be for everyobe but it’s a conversation we must have and at TCL we will never hide from speaking the truth.

Taylor is here to discuss mental health on the jobsite and how to handle yourself, your trades and the construction industry. She is a Registered Psychotherapy Qualifying with 3 years in the industry. Carlito brings up that a lot of tradespeople bring personal, home, family life to the job site and it can spill over and create a negative job site environment. The old school way of handling any issues was to ignore, deny, not speak about it, gone are those days, it’s really not about  ... 

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