#193 Snow Removal Contracting and Electrician running the business and a workplace injury with Giancarlo Ianni of Ironwolf Services

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Running two businesses, at times 3 or even 4 or more, Giancarlo is snow removal, contracting, landscaping, property maintenance and electrician. We begin the show discussing the winter wonderful world of snow removal. Servicing from Toronto to Huntsville, Giancarlo has figured out how to run his business for the season and avoiding all the issues most new guys fall victim too. The conversation quickly turns to trucks and maintaining those work trucks and Giancarlo shares some amazing insight into the big three. Of course Tesla Cybertruck comes up and Giancarlo has a few interesting facts to share.

27 years old, bought his first home at 21, was cutting grass for a job at 7 years of age, Giancarlos loves the hustle, his goal is to only work to keep busy by the time he’s 45. It’s a great plan. Giancarlo is also an arborist and knows his shit w ... 

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