#192 Alonso from Clueless Framer and Kase from Alchemist Carpenter 2 framers from different perspectives

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We have Alonso from Casa Nueva Contracting Inc and Kase from Alchemist Carpentry discussing framing, union, non union and all kinds of framing. Alonso is a George Brown graduate, would he do it the same way? He says no, he says he would have gone the appprentice route and jumped into framing. He's been framing for 8 years now. Then with Kase he is no longer a part of the union and working the custom homes. With a background in hospitality then school for animation then fell into carpentry and joined the union, didn’t like the apprenticeship route, stopped paying his dues and went solo. It’s an interesting dynamic between these two. The conversation of who’s better? Union or non union?

Alonso discusses a workplace injury during framing a roof, he was fine from it, or he thought he was, a car collision soon after really caused the damage. We  ... 

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