#186 Danny Dosca our first Montreal based tradesperson discussing bricklaying, renovating and

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Sit back and enjoy this special show where we will be discussing family, old school, new school, all kinds of bricklaying, building in Montreal, more family, food, history and more, Danny has a lot to share and of course, we will upset a few, it’s The Construction Life.

Danny begins his journey almost 40 years ago when his Dad immigrated to Canada, the family followed, sisters married two brothers and they became a crew of hardworking old school bricklayers and they always helped each other out and that is how the business started. With any successful business Danny shares his thoughts on the team his dad built, the team Danny is building, what to do when the older trades are ready to retire and how to train and seek out the younger trades to continue the quality. Danny continues discussing trends, coloured mortar, suppliers, and clients’ e ... 

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