#185 Michael Ferreira from Rose Gold Homes & Design a custom builder in his twenties

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Carlito is back on the mic, it’s been over a year since he was last heard on the show, nice to have him back and sharing so much about The Construction Life. Carlito will be on future shows, and he will be part of an event happening in November, stay tuned to learn more.

On with the show, Michael from Rose Gold Homes & Design, 29 years old, a custom home builder since he was 22. He set out a plan to make his business a successful brand and it’s working. We open the show discussing delays, schedules and covid, Michael still tries to keep everything on schedule and he’s booking material months in advance, we must. Michael does have that thought, he thinks some clients might be thinking, what’s this kid think he’s doing building custom homes at 23 years old? It’s never been brought up and it has never discouraged Michael from building a ... 

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