#178 It’s the Electrical show with Andrew from Azores Construction & Electrical and Jalen Lam

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We have quite the show today, Andrew Padre Cura and Jalen Lam will be sharing the whole electrical truth, trades, and the industry, might want to buckle in for this one. Two Conestoga graduates under the Electrical Technician Program, nothing but praise about the school. Andrew opens the show with an interesting story with every perfect storm possible, wiring mistakes, ministry of labour arriving on site, unsafe work site and no PPE.

5 mins early, makes you 10 mins late, arrive on site and ready to go on time, all the time. The guys discuss their career paths and how it always starts with subdivision and high rise and how nobody cares because it’s gets it done fast, not right mentality, aka “running shoe electrics” leading to a racoon being stuck inside the wall cavity. Andrew shares a few stories that will make your stomach twists, use cau ... 

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