#176 Chris Clarry from Hardwork Canada is on the show talking High Rise maintenance and more.

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Today’s show is all about high rise maintenance with Chris Clarry of Hardwork Canada, Chris goes where most of us will never, fixing things that should never have failed, but they do because erecting high-rise structures is all about how fast, not how good. Chris is truly a forensic contractor, sourcing out why buildings are failing, assessing things, and then making the proper repairs one time.

Coming from a troubled youth and even getting into drugs, Chris was able to pull himself out that world with the help of key people. After his treatment it was construction that saved his life, renting a place with a landlord that worked in high-rise, he showed Chris how to lay brick, operate a zoom boom, and Chris’s construction career began. Working with engineers as they create a binder and scope of work and specs to make the repair and so ... 

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