#173 Master Electrician, Fire Alarms, Safety and the Whole Wide Construction World with Patricio

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Welcome to TCL’s longest show to date, over 2 hours and for good reason. Patricio and his lovely wife, Pricilla is on the show. The focus on this show will be about safety but we will discuss electrical, a few other trades, the industry, schools, new trades, old trades and right back to safety. Patricio with 22 years of electrical experience, master electrician and fire alarms certified. At 18 years old he had a bad accident on site and a pair of safety goggles could have saved his eye from blindness. This is one opening story you must listen to.

After the accident and trying to move on he got back on site, but the sound of the saw triggered him and he was diagnosed with PTSD, he bolted from the job site, he left. Patricio disappeared on his motorcycle and did a road trip out east and that trip gave him the confidence to get back into the t ... 

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