#172 Taping and Beyond with Sunaina talking plastering, females in construction, puppies, harassment and more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We have one hell of a great show today, Sunaina, a self-taught taper with 6 years in the business, coming from university degrees to bartender, to construction, to dog grooming and more. Sunaina will not be holding back, she has a lot to say about the construction life and yes, we will discuss men and women in construction and how men treat women and why.

A first for TCL we have a puppy on the show, Sir Nicholas Liam will be sharing a few of his thoughts throughout the show which brings us to a side hustle of Sunaina – Pup-Struction

We get right into women in construction and inappropriate behavior, no sugar coating anything here. Sunaina brings up a recent scenario that unfolded where the upper management felt it was better to remove the female and make the males comfortable then to educate the males to be respectful of the female, w ... 

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