#170 Paolo Foglia – Fogliatile - Stone, Masonry, Tile, Marble Restoration / Installer and Expert

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

A true stone artist, Paolo talks to us about his beginnings, his arrival to Canada, the country he loves because it has given him so much. Paolo was a peacekeeper, in the army, Special Forces as a teenager and into his 30’s, working for the government studying civil engineering in college back in Italy, originally from Viciano, on the edge of Naples. Paolo’s construction career began with him studying history, studying techniques from centuries back, studying what and how and why Michelangelo did what he did with the works of art that we all know so well.

Paolo’s education and scope of work involves going to and choosing blocks of stone direct from the quarries, understanding true book match cutting, slab match cutting or random. Planning the cuts, setting up the cuts, quarry manufacturing is a generational skillset, the father teache ... 

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