#169 David Maniccia of Luco Design & Build shares his 20 plus years of navigating through construction

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Before the mics get recording David’s brother drops off some amazing food from Ombretta Cucina, amazing pizzas from Pizzeria Rosso…OMG So good. Thank you so much. Check them out and trust me, you will love the food. Open the show with a listener message from Mike Dunn from Washington @m1keandike24 asking how he can start on his own and some of the things to consider when you make that move.

We are going to talk about everything, how he got started, who taught him, building a business from scratch, dealing with trades, clients, designers, Tarion, management, the past, present and future of construction, and somehow, we chat about HGTV, I never spark it, guests spark it and David has more than a few interesting stories to share there and still even more. Hold on, fasten your safety harness and prepare for a classic TCL show becaus ... 

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