#166 Julie Sawchuk Accessible Solutions Inc. Accessible Design Construction and more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Training for a triathlon Julie was biking and was hit by a car and paralysed from the breastbone down. Thrown 30 feet, split her head, broke teeth, broke her nose, broke ribs, broke her spine in two places, T4 and L1. 5 people every day sustain a spinal cord injury in Ontario. Fast forward 6 years and Julie is now an Accessibility Strategist.

How do we begin having conversations with accessible clients? Just have the same conversations you would have with other clients, no reason to beat around the bush, ask the questions, get to know your clients, having those direct questions answered will help contractors and designers design and build a perfect space for your clients, all your clients.

By far the bathroom is the most important room for accessibility, so many details that need to be thoroughly considered. Consider space around toil ... 

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