#165 Peter from Picasso Interior Con – Crown Moulding / 3D Plaster Walls / Waffle Ceilings & Stone Veneers

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

25-year-old Peter, working at this trade for 8 years now is going to talk about Styrofoam plaster mouldings, coffered ceilings, waffle ceilings, diamond patterns, accent walls and so much more. The reason Peter started his business and has always built to a certain standard, he was disgusted with where the construction industry was going. Peter gets very passionate about million-dollar custom homes with upgrades that have no value because the builders use the cheapest of the cheap material, such as 7” MDF baseboards, that’s not right.

Peter uses a 12” Makita stone blade on his Milwaukee mitre saw, he has to remove the guard to make the cuts he needs, especially when it’s a bigger crown, and he uses the fence the same way you would for wood mouldings. Even if his cut is a little off the special mix of plaster will make that joint perfect, th ... 

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