#164 Plaster Masters with Shane Wile - A lot to learn from this young tradesperson and business owner

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

23-year-old tradesperson with a lot of passion and heart for the industry and he loves Frank Sinatra, hold on, this is going to be one great show. His Dad taught him only one way to be a tradesperson, the right way, he taught him how to build better, and be better. Losing his Dad at a young age was very hard for the family, really sorry for your loss Shane.

Shane has a solid base for his business and what was key, was his crew, his trio of tapers, himself, Saudi and Adam, Shane’s plan is to find more tapers, find reliable subs, and continue to grow the business on volume and keep moving forward. Incredibly refreshing to hear Shane share that he always prefills with Durabond 90, it’s a must for his quality, prefill, tape and then he covers. Game Changer alert – Shane has 2 Festool Planex Drywall sanders and from pole sanding to this amazing  ... 

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