#163 Kevin Carty the Friendly Mason From Irish Farmer to Autoparts to Mason in Canada

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Open the show with a great Irish work song and we get chatting about Ireland, the beautiful country and people, the great food and work ethic. What a pleasure to have Kevin on the show and everyone knows Manny will always have a special place for the masonry trades.

On with the show.

Arriving in Canada in January, five years ago got into autoparts first, and after a number of odd jobs including the rickshaws by the Skydome aka Rogers Centre, yes he did that for a little while to build up his endurance but construction was quickly calling him. Beginning with all sorts of block, underpinning, brick work that all led to restoration work and why Canada has so much damaged brick work and why being a mason is in very high demand.

The conversation shifts into the next generation of masons and why most of them  ... 

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