#158 Adnan is back talking more on Modular Shipping Containers with Acad Modular Part II

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We love having guests return to the most listened to construction podcast and we love continuing the great conversations that move this amazing industry forward. Adnan was on the show way back in March of 2020, episode #56, please check out that show.

On today’s show we further discuss C Cans, building with Shipping Containers, Modular Building and more, I even come up with an interesting idea for designing shipping container dog houses for our furry friends.

Let’s get talking everything to do with shipping container building and let’s begin by saying, during Covid the price of a C Can has tripled. Adnan shares how his first time on the show he had a client reach out because they heard about Adnan on the show, we are after all the Construction Tinder. His first meeting with this new client began at the Stack Mar ... 

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