#157 The Construction Life includes motorcycles – Carmine from The Dukes of Cycle is here to talk motorcycle technician and motos

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Something a little different but not, today’s show is extremely relevant to the construction life, so many tradespeople ride motorcycles. Bikes are a huge part of our downtime, keeping us sane, inspiring us and our renovations, dealing with clients and more. Carmine has been my service tech for a while now and has taken care of my 1999 Ducati Monster Dark 750 which has evolved into a different kind of Monster over the 22 years of owning it.

Have a listen to this special show as Carmine shares his insight in getting into the trades, working his way through the industry to setting up his own shop, nearly two decades ago with two young apprentices on his staff. Carmine has worked on every bike imaginable, and he has a lot of great insight to share. Wait till you hear about the moto triangle, I never knew about this, and I chatted w ... 

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