#150 Bram Weitzman a GC with 16 years of experience and it wasn’t until his 14th year he finally figured it out.

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We open the show with a massive Beastie Boys track, thanks Bram. Bram got started in construction because he owned a frat house and his friend/partner was moving out and Bram was getting married and they needed to fix the place and sell in. Picked up a hammer and that was about 15/16 years ago. Before construction and before tending bar Bram was a licensed auto mechanic. Then life kick in hard for Bram, back issues, left being a mechanic, went back to school for IT, at the start of his new career path plenty of work, by the time he graduated, no work, got a job as a bartender, worked his way up to management and then got laid off, restricting was the official description and then came construction.

The big talk about bad clients and who’s fault is it really when you end up with a bad client and how to avoid bad clients, we have a lot to say ... 

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