#149 Linda Kafka from Livable Canada is back and talking more Wellness Building – Healthy Options for your home

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We open the show with a few shout outs to @marescarpentry @galeforcemasonry @oliverlumber Ian reached out, needed to have a couple of custom planter boxes made out of Ipe, I reached out to Gary Mares, picked up the lumber from Oliver Lumber and things are being built, the power and positivity of Social Media. Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing them.

A fan mail and question, Darrel Kwan from @dk_tile asks us how to handle the next job when the current job is running late or being added to possibly delaying the start of the next project. Great question.

We are back at @venturexoakville recording the show in their amazing boardroom. What a great facility, please check them out guys.

On with the show about wellness and the home, how important is this topic? Over to you Linda. She is Well AP Certified -

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