#146 DGR Concrete Forming is back with the 4 members of the concrete business and more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

The show opens with a little tease about a BBQ and “non alcoholic” beverages on the table at the make shift concrete studio in the DGR shop and what is and was the concrete industry all about, Jorge has some great insight into this question and how it all connects to track building and sub division work and scope.

With a crew of 15 from as young as 22 and as old as 63 and everyone has something to say about that age bracket. All 4 guests share why they love concrete so much and in the end, it’s in their blood, that’s the right answer. The group discusses the paper vs building ratio being at 60/40 and why. When discussing building a better concrete business, it was always about better communication, so paramount to designate who and what they handle and why and that goes across the company.

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