#135 Laneway Custom Building with Joel taking construction to new areas of the city

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Joel, like Noel, is Laneway Custom Builds, a red seal framer from North Bay came to Toronto nearly a decade ago and jumped into urban construction. Joel has come across almost every type of “urban” scenario, neighbors, deliveries, inspections, tradespeople, working in very tight lots and spots, did we mention neighbors? Getting started with garage building, with his own being the first due to the neighborhood arsonist being kind enough to set his car on fire. Joel had absolutely nothing to do with the fire. He built his garage, another neighbor wanted a garage, and another and off he went with his construction business.

Laneway approval is only a couple of years old in Toronto and the city is starting to make things a lot easier for more and more homeowners to apply and construct more laneway homes. Visit the web site

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