#131 Ontario Youth Apprentice Program everything you need to know and more

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We have an amazing show today, we have a very special guest, Matthew Bradley from OYAP. Matt works for the TDSB for the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Department. Before OYAP he was a carpentry teacher, before that he was carpenter, before that he was a cabinet maker, and from leaving high school Matt went to study philosophy in university and not really knowing why he did that. LOL.

Matt began his career in finance in the UK but working in finance wasn’t satisfying. Left London and moved to Calgary and transitioned from finance to web, and all of this relates to his construction path. A failure in the web allowed Matthew to be packaged out and use that money to study cabinet making at Humber College.

Now Matthew began his construction career, working on all sorts of projects and learning so much more.  ... 

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