#130 Cavemen Landscapes with special guest Carlos starting a new business at the start of the pandemic.

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Very explicit conversations in this show and a few jabs at DeWalt and Milwaukee.

Let’s open the show with some Shabba and some reggae from Carlos and this is how as all construction podcasts should open. LOVE IT!! We have a special Co Host to join Manny, John from Craft And Clerk proposed the idea of joining the show and here we are. Manny is interested in doing more Co-Hosting, so anyone interested in filling in the seat, please reach out to Manny.

Carlos a little nervous to be on the show opens up as the bottles of wine go down. We get off to a slow start but boy does the conversation ramp up fast.

Right out of high school Carlos got into landscaping, choose a hard career path and loved it. A decade and half of working for others Carlos made the move to go out on his own and he chose early 2020 to make the move, right smack at ... 

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