#128 Talking with Edward from Ridgewood Building Group, Young, Asian and Motivated

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

What a great show we have today, Edward talks to us about being taught all the wrong lessons and he will be the first to admit the stereotype behind Asians and construction, how it’s always fast and cheap is the best and only way to renovate.

Edward talks about going to post school, leaving in his 2nd year, he didn’t think school was right for him, but he did end up finding a network of likeminded tradespeople that he eventually turned into Ridgewood. Edward felt school was too simplified and they needed to teach him more and more about all aspects of construction.

The guys go through a gambit of different construction topics from building a brand, building wealth, setbacks, people complaining, millennials and establishing money after you have gotten close to establishing your brand. We discuss entry level pay rate ... 

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