#460 You're spending too much money and time hauling dirt but the 'Phil' app will change that.

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

The Phil app founders; Mike, Matt, and Bryan join us to talk about their free material marketplace and tracking software that eliminates the need to "know a guy" to move earth. Marrying real construction experience with the tech world, Phil saves money, time and the environment, while being constantly updated with new features, all for a fraction of the cost of doing it by hand. Tune in to be as shocked as Manny about an app that truly cares about the industry on this episode of The Construction Life Podcast.

Check out www.GetPhil.app online or search "Phil" in the App Store to reap the benefits.

Also follow them on Instagram @Get.Phil for a 24h heads-up on new listings.

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